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If you are looking to play the drums with style and skill then you are clearly going to need to play on a quality item. Nothing beats the name Ludwig in the percussion family of instruments. Ludwig-Musser has been a standard in the percussion instrument manufacturing industry for over a hundred years.

Since as early as 1900, this company has been fitting bands with the best quality of musical instruments. These drum sets are made of the finest quality brass and oak. The Ludwig series of sets can start as low as four hundred dollars and run as high as twelve hundred dollars. Quite pricey - but once more the old saying is “you get what you pay for.”

The best Ludwig set, if you are a beginner on the drums, is the PC Accent CS Power Drum Set. This set is the lowest priced complete drum set. It features four various-sized drums and one bass drum, as well as two cymbals. Most give this set a five star rating, and those who have been playing the drums for years recommend this set for anyone who is just starting out.

The Ludwig Epic Series is a bit higher up the food chain. It features the same amount of drums but two more cymbals. The drum shells are made of a thin oak wood material which never warps and holds up against the elements.

The next best set is the Ludwig Element Lacquer Power Fusion six piece set. This incorporates a series of cymbals that can be raised or lowered depending on the drummer’s needs. Of course these sets are more expensive as they go up in quality and with the added extra equipment.

Ludwig has also taken to manufacturing replacement parts for their drum sets which they produce and manufacture. Sometimes the replacement parts are more expensive because you are upgrading your drum set rather than simply replacing an item.

Some of the best selling replacement or upgrade parts are the Ludwig drum shell packs. These packs run close to three thousand dollars and are made from the finest oak and metals. They also sell many resonant head replacements for the drum shells.

Not only does Ludwig carry drums which are used in stage performances but they also carry marching band equipment. One of their best selling drums is that of Ludwig Challengers Marching Bass Drums. These drums are carried over the shoulders while being played in a marching band.

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