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When you have a drum set you obviously become familiar with cymbals and the various options you can choose. They are fun and an important part of any drum set. In the world of musical percussion there are two names everyone knows, Meinl and Zildjian. There is a classic debate among musicians about which is the better form of cymbal; Meinl vs. Zildjian. Both name brands carry with them a great many benefits but only one can be superior.

Both manufacturers craft their cymbals in Turkey but only Meinl goes the extra step to have them polished in Germany to a fine, smooth polished surface. While the cymbals made by Meinl are made of the finest brass you will ever find on a percussion instrument, Zildjian cymbals have a much broader price range. Zildjian cymbals start as low as just under one hundred dollars. They are lightweight and they come in a plethora of sizes.

Zildjian is a name which has been associated with rock and jazz music for years. They have extra large bells on each cymbal set for the protection of the actual cymbal as it vibrates on the stand as well as a lathering coating for when musicians need to hammer away on their cymbal. Zildjian cymbals have even been endorsed by some names in modern music as Elvin Jones and Tony Williams.

The reason Meinl cymbals are so expensive all around regardless of the size is that they are made from a heavier brass than most cymbals - heavier than anything Zildjian uses. Meinl cymbals will start anywhere from closer to two hundred dollars per cymbal all the way up to and over one thousand dollars; the bigger the cymbal the more expensive. Now because they have a thicker metal the sounds which they produce are bar none considered some of the best in the business. You can play a deeper and broader tempo off a Meinl cymbal than you can with a Zildjian cymbal.

In the end, this brings the question of Meinl vs. Zildjian cymbals down to one common denominator and that is what quality of sound they produce. Given that Meinl’s sound is far superior to anything that Zildjian can produce leaves one to simply say that Meinl is the better of the two. Perhaps it depends on what level you are comparing the two but all around in Meinl vs. Zildjian cymbals, Meinl wins every time hands down.

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